July 30, 2009

Yoga-ta believe me....

.... yoga is absolutely fabulous, even when you're preggers :)

I haven't fully utilised my yoga mat ever since Yoga Zone unceremoniously 'shut down' last year. Now that I'm expecting, it was such a great excuse to start yoga again! After patiently waiting for my 1st trimester to pass, I happily enrolled myself at BeYoga.

Although there are a few yoga studios much closer to where I live, I INSIST on BeYoga because of one Ms Ninie Ahmad. Ninie is a good friend of mine and also one of my greatest life inspirations. The instructors at Be, besides Ninie are also a few of the very best in town. So... how can I NOT drive allllll the way to Damansara Perdana just to twist and bend myself into a healthy mommy-to-be :)

I've been enjoying my pre-natal yoga classes with other fellow mommies-to-be every Wednesday and Sunday. I fold, stretch and bend into various pregger-safe yoga positions because I believe I should do all that I can to keep my body healthy for my baby. Also, I hope delivery will be a breeze if I excercise enough, hehe. Oh and I pray that my body will (pleeeeeeeasssssse) bounce back into shape after my delivery. As quickly as one Ms Jessica Alba (she swears it was because of yoga!).

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