September 24, 2009

In the holy month of Ramadan....

1. I started to feel my lil one's movements
It started off as gentle flutters, just like how experienced mommies described it to me - like butterflies fluttering about your belly :) I was initially quite nervous to experience my baby's 1st movements cause I couldn't imagine how it would be. When it first started, I was at TV3 getting ready for an episode of WHI. I wasn't sure what it was initially cause you could actually confuse it with... well, gas ( ;p ) but when it happened more frequently, I knew it was my lil one wriggling around. Baby's gentle wriggling has now turned into stronger nudges which can catch me by surprise sometimes. To describe it more accurately, it feels like short but rapid drumming in my tummy ;p

2. They say God blesses expectant parents with alot of rezeki...
Which is soo true! Hanif is doing well, alhamdulillah... And after my Oral-B gig, I received another TVC offer. This time it was from Taj Mahal Rice. The shoot was fun, quick and simple - done during the fasting month but I'm not complaining. I was paid a handsome fee :)

Kiddin around during the shoot ;)

3. I managed to fast the entire month...
Save for the 3 days I had a full-day shoot ;p I'm rather proud of myself as I think it's quite an achievement considering I was super reluctant to fast at all initially. Thanks to Hanif's ugutan ( - he ugut kalau nak raya kat Ipoh kena puasa!) I attempted to fast and found that it was not as hard as I thought it would be. It was actually a breeze! Although I was worried that it might effect my baby, I fasted anyways as so many experienced moms said it was certainly OK to fast. And they were right :)

4. We found out we are expecting a BOY!
Yes! and my baby's 'boyhood' was so obvious the moment my OB/GYN scanned my belly, way to go my boy! Haha. Hanif and I giggled and laughed the entire session, we were so amused with our son. He had his legs spread wide open for all the world to see! So damn cute! But kesian my parents, this will be their fourth grandson. Perhaps my sister can contribute a granddaughter for them, mehehe *wink wink wink* My in-laws are thrilled regardless of the baby's sex as this will be the their 1st grandchild and Hanif's grandmother's 1st great-grandchild! How cool is that? After analysing my baby's scan, my smart brother said,"It could be a finger he stuck in between his legs!"

Can you see his 'boyhood'? :)