July 24, 2009

Sweet Baby Is Listening to.....

I'm sure moms and moms-to-be might have read somewhere or heard from someone that classical music apparently increases your baby's intelligence, they call this the 'Mozart effect'. True or otherwise, I thought it wont hurt if I played some classical tunes for my lil one. But OH. MY. GOD. Classical music CAN be quite a snooze-fest! (sorry classical music lovers)

Not wanting to torture my baby's delicate ears, I browsed the internet and chanced upon a few numbers that I was rather familiar with. I was like, "Ohhh THIS is Bach...." Finding the right songs for my baby was quite an (musically) educational stint :)

So here are a few beautiful composition that I'm pretty sure you are familiar with too (You probably have heard these either at a wedding or in a cartoon show).

I hope my baby will enjoy listening to them as much as I have.

Happy developing your intelligence lil one :)

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