July 17, 2009


After one year of marriage, my mind started to dabble with the idea of having a child. Although I wasn't longing for one yet, I just liked the idea of having children. Then after Hanif & I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary, each time someone announced "I'm preggers!" my heart sank a little. Then I knew... I was ready. And why the heck was I not pregnant yet!!!

Everyone, from friends, to colleagues, my intern (!!), to the production crew and guests of WHI and a slew of celebrities got or were pregnant! I remember when my friend/colleague Didie announced she was preggers (just after she got back from her honeymoon!), I was so shaken that I almost lost my balance while walking out of Sri Pentas. And soon, people around me were quite hush hush about new pregnancy news just to jaga my feelings.

Now, that I AM preggers, I'm just thrilled that I'm finally ONE of the expecting moms :) I am also thrilled that over in La La Land, a string of celebrities are expecting too, from angels to slayers to bunnies! Here's a list:

  • Victoria's Secret angels Adriana Lima, Heidi Klum, Karolina Kurkova and the SUPER model of them all - Gisele Bundchen (although she has not officially announced it yet)
  • former 'vampire slayer' Sarah Michelle Gellar
  • my fashion icon Nicole Richie
  • 'retired' Playboy bunny Kendra Wilkinson

Yei! We are all gonna be mommies!

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