June 26, 2009

Farewell Gloved One...

Today is a very very very sad day. Tears flowed freely, as though I knew this man personally. In fact, we've never met before and he had no idea of my existence. And yet the tears ran, endlessly. His passing felt like the passing of a close friend to me, and I assume to everyone else, who grew up listening to his songs.

He was the 1st celebrity name I knew when I 1st learned to speak. I was such a big fan that my dad would buy me all sorts of memorabilia from his trips all over the world. I remember as a curious child, I would ask my dad "Papa, what is 'shamone'???" Poor Papa, haha.. He had to come up with a decent answer for his 4-year old. I obviously can't remember my dad's answer but I suppose it was satisfactory enough :)

I also remember my dad and I huddling in front of our TV to catch the world premiere of Bad, the music video. I loved it!

Oftentimes we'd see footages of his fans crying, fainting and simply going hysterical at his concerts. I often wondered why... Why do they breakdown like that? Its just a concert.

But I later discovered, that his concerts aren't just like any other concerts. Because as I was impatiently waiting for the legendary one to appear on stage at Stadium Merdeka back in the early 90s, I don't know why, tears started to gush out as the countdown began for him to finally emerge (malunya..........), and I suddenly realised that I was reacting just like those fans I've questioned before this!

So I cried and screamed like the girls (and guys too ;p) you see on TV. If it weren't for the way and manner of Malaysians watching concerts here (Malaysians are quite proper at concerts), I think I would have passed out too *grin*

Yesterday I cried watching him sing and perform live, today I shed tears at his untimely demise. I was so sad I actually SMSed my dad...

One day, I'll share all of his musical masterpiece with my child.

May you rest in peace Michael Jackson and may Heaven be a better, kinder and happier place for you....

One of my favourite MJ songs, in French. Enjoy...

June 18, 2009

My Lil Bump's Debut TV Appearance

Along with new fat on my arms....

And below is my best attempt to 'lose inches' around my waist and reducing the 'flab' on my arm (could only manage the right one), haha...

June 16, 2009

I Need A New Ob/Gyn Quick!

1st visit
My doctor quickly took out her medical bibles the moment I mentioned 'chicken pox' and frantically looked it up in her books. Wow, I have so much confidence in her now. Not.

2nd visit
The moment I sat down in her office, she started yelling down her handphone, upset at her maid I think. Wow, I think I'm in good hands, especially during the delivery itself. Not!

So now I'm busy asking every mommy and mommy-to-be about their ob/gyn and hospitals. Never knew finding and settling with one good, reliable doctor would be so hard :p

June 14, 2009

My Idea of Maternity Wear...

Is this...


And taking a cue from my fashion icon, this...

And this... :)

Now if only I have the energy to get myself to the malls....

June 12, 2009

What Did Mommy2B Eat Today?

1. One piece of whole wheat bread with chunky peanut butter with one whole banana for breakfast.

2. Avocado Accents Salad at Marmalade for lunch (and also curi2 my sister-in-law's Pesto Spaghetti, yumm)

3. McD Fillet-O-Fish (immediately after Marmalade, yep)

4. One piece of sinful chocolate

5. Another *gasp* Fillet-O-Fish! (that was my tea ;) somehow Fillet-O-Fish tastes so much yummier now.....)

Now what's for dinner???

June 11, 2009

When It's Heart Starts Beating...

Ahhhhh finally, the 2-week wait is over. Today is the day that I've been so looking fwd to. Had to occupy myself with all sorts of things just to get my mind of it and let time fly by faster!

And here it is, finally... I saw my baby's heart beating, strong and steady... (sooo cuuuuttte....)

My ob/gyn says my baby is 8 weeks old! 8 weeks already :)

So far, Ive yet to experience any morning sickness. My sister kept insisting that I will when my baby's heart starts beating. But my ob/gyn says if Ive not experienced it up to this point, it means I will sail through this pregnancy without the much dreaded (or 'brutal' as one pregnant Kendra Wilkinson puts it) morning sickness. Woot!

My baby's due in January 2010. I don't know why it seems so hard for my mom and brother to believe.

Brother: "You're due in January??? But you'll only be about 6 months along by then!!

Mom: "You're due in January??? What nonsense is that!"

Ha. Ha. Ha. You guys crack me up ;)

June 1, 2009

No One Told Me........

1. That I'll be so so tired, energy-less when pregnant. Opening the fridge takes alot of effort.

2. That I'll be hungry hungry hungry. ALL. THE. TIME. U must be kidding me!

3. That I'll be sleeeeepy... even after having a good night's rest. (I struggled to keep my eyes open whilst watching Angels & Demons at the cinema)

4. That I'll have this tummy discomfort. I choose not to elaborate on this.

5. That my bladder seems like its shrunk in size and now I have to go to the loo thrice as often.

6. That with all the above, I'd have no energy left to *GASP* do my hair OR figure out my wardrobe for the day. (I have to stop this! I promised myself I'll be a yummy mummy... perasan? Im pregnant! I can say whatever I want!)

Im only one month along, what more pregnancy secrets have all mommies on this earth been keeping from me???