July 3, 2009

In The Last 8 Days, I...

1. Chopped of my lovely long locks cause I seriously needed low maintenance hair. If you had no idea, I visit the salon no less than once a week because *I kid you not* I don't know how to blow dry my hair. And. I prefer someone else to wash my hair for me ;) I got this expensive trait from my mom. No thanks Mom :) And this pregnancy is just too tiring for me to fuss over my hair.

2. Went on a fun makan-makan cari jalan road trip to Penang with four other friends. I really mean makan-makan cari jalan and not jalan-jalan cari makan because none of us knew the roads in Penang and had to rely on *gasp* MAPS and a very handy GPS. The 3 guys on the trip played driver, GPS handler and map reader. Haha! The ladies just ate, gossiped and gave the guys extra headache. Burp.

3. Cried and cried over a music icon's passing.. RIP MJ. I still cannot believe he's gone.

4. Attended a Chinese wedding and there was this one dish that really... umm, ter-gezut-ted me? Well let's just say this particular dish had its head and tail intact. But being the very thoughtful hosts our friends were, Hanif and I had a special arrangement made for us - Halal courses. Thanks!

5. Met up with former colleagues at a drama launch in Mont Kiara. Great food and company :)

6. Realised I have a serious problem with my new body image and the side effects of being pregnant. I'm trying very hard to accept that my body is growing and a pimple or ten will appear on my skin.

7. Just learned a new trick to deal with my crazy hunger pangs (and avoid gaining too much weight!) - divide my lunch and dinner into 2 portions each and have the 2nd portion in the next few hours when I start to feel hungry again. Why didn't I think of this earlier!!!

8. Met up with my BFF Intan who just flew back from Bandung. Her bumbling kids kept me wide-eyed as they gave me a grand preview of what my life would be like in about 2 years time. (Son pours water into an already full cup, which of course overflowed. Daughter takes her bottle and frantically plunges it into the overflowing cup of water.) Yay? Hahahah... what have I gotten myself into! Hats off to Intan Juliana *clap clap clap* for getting my vote for the MOST patient mom in the whole wide world :D

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