August 10, 2009

Mommy & Daddy Went to Paradise....

.... for 4 days, lil one. It was your first ever plane ride :)

We've both been to Bali before but our 2nd trip there was extra special because you accompanied us to this enchanting island. Just to share with you lil one, while Daddy was snoozing all the way to the airport, Mommy quietly prayed that our holiday will be perfect - a happy, beautiful and joyful one. I said my prayers whilst watching the dark sky slowly painting itself a lovely shade of yellow and orange. I couldn't help but smile all the way to the airport...

The villa's supir was patiently waiting and waving a large signboard with Mommy's name on it at the arrival gate, somehow only Aunty Suzie caught sight of it ;p And when we reached our villa, Mommy was not dissapointed at all. In fact Mommy was sooo excited to be there because it surpassed anything and everything that I imagined it would be!

All in all lil one, Mommy believe Mommy's prayers were answered because it was indeed one of the best holidays I've been on.... I can't wait for you to be born and take you on holidays with us...

You were about 16 weeks, lil one. And this is how big Mommy's belly was at this stage. Cute kan ;)

Mommy & Daddy jiwang kejap watching the sunset near Ku De Ta....

Mommy took this photo to remind myself how I look like when I was carrying you this far along :)

Daddy flashing a very rare wide smile (cos he doesnt like to take photographs, tapi beria nak beli digital photo frame...)

With mommy's good friends - Aunty Suzie and Uncle Aen at Kintamani. Be very nice to them and they will shower you with lots of designer stuff ;D

Daddy says he will make a pool like this for you to swim in, kan Daddy????? Mehehehe. Mommy not asking for much, just a lil villa like this, that's all ;)


  1. if u dun mind, could u share the name of this villa dear? :)

  2. hey wife, can u remove the last picture of the villa, i dont look so macho in that!!

  3. toosie: desamuda village villas. excellent stay, excellent location,excellent price :)
    hubby: i'll think abt it 1st.