February 3, 2010

The Bun Popped Out of the Oven!

On 4th January 2010 at 8.29am, God sent me a little piece of heaven... an angel... my angel... my son....

My son will be exactly one month old tmrw. Everyday I look at him and I still cant believe this tiny little being with super tiny toes and fingers, came from me.

Actually the thought of him squeezing his way out from me is rather scary. How in the world was that even possible? God is great. He made humans so clever they created..... the epidural.
And thanks to dear 'happy-dural', my labour experience was just how I had hoped it wld be - memorable and most importantly, pain free :)

Everything happened so quickly that Monday morning. But 1st, on Sunday evening....

7.00pm Hubby & I took our own sweet time to drive to Pantai Hospital for a chk up. I had light spottings since Saturday, but wasnt alarmed until my mom in law insisted I get myself checked by my ob/gyn.

7.30pm Nurse wheeled me from the emergency room to the maternity ward. In my mind,"Is this really necessary?" Nurse insists its hospital's procedure after I politely declined to hop onto the wheelchair.

8.00pm Nurses at maternity ward 'inspected' me and said I was not in labour therefore free to leave.. after my ob/gyn's thorough inspection.

9.00pm Ob/gyn arrived, 'inspected' and announced "You are in labour my dear, 2 cm dilated." WHAT???

9.30pm Mean ob/gyn popped my membranes (water bag) with a frightening looking apparatus that is bigger that the thong u use at a BBQ. It was PAINLESS. I sobbed anyways.

12.00am Drip and epidural administered, not after a bout of frantic crying and sobbing. Ive a fear of needles, big time. Do you know how long the epidural needle is? I dont. Hubby says its insanely long and huge.

Funny story: Anesthesist tried to calm me down by saying,"No needles yet girl, no needles..." and at the exact same moment I felt a needle puncturing my spine.

6.30am Nurse inspects me. Ive fully dilated.

7.00am A cheering squad comprising 2 - 4 nurses and my husband screamed,"PUSHHHHHHHHHHH.... very good... PUSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Because I was completely numb from waist down, I had no idea what I was pushing but I gave 150% at every push anyways. The head nurse/cheer captain reassured me I was doin a good job.

8.00am My ob/gyn arrived. She cld see the baby's head crowning. I pushed one more time and then...

8.29am My son was born....

Welcome to this world... little Ilhan Moris....