June 26, 2009

Farewell Gloved One...

Today is a very very very sad day. Tears flowed freely, as though I knew this man personally. In fact, we've never met before and he had no idea of my existence. And yet the tears ran, endlessly. His passing felt like the passing of a close friend to me, and I assume to everyone else, who grew up listening to his songs.

He was the 1st celebrity name I knew when I 1st learned to speak. I was such a big fan that my dad would buy me all sorts of memorabilia from his trips all over the world. I remember as a curious child, I would ask my dad "Papa, what is 'shamone'???" Poor Papa, haha.. He had to come up with a decent answer for his 4-year old. I obviously can't remember my dad's answer but I suppose it was satisfactory enough :)

I also remember my dad and I huddling in front of our TV to catch the world premiere of Bad, the music video. I loved it!

Oftentimes we'd see footages of his fans crying, fainting and simply going hysterical at his concerts. I often wondered why... Why do they breakdown like that? Its just a concert.

But I later discovered, that his concerts aren't just like any other concerts. Because as I was impatiently waiting for the legendary one to appear on stage at Stadium Merdeka back in the early 90s, I don't know why, tears started to gush out as the countdown began for him to finally emerge (malunya..........), and I suddenly realised that I was reacting just like those fans I've questioned before this!

So I cried and screamed like the girls (and guys too ;p) you see on TV. If it weren't for the way and manner of Malaysians watching concerts here (Malaysians are quite proper at concerts), I think I would have passed out too *grin*

Yesterday I cried watching him sing and perform live, today I shed tears at his untimely demise. I was so sad I actually SMSed my dad...

One day, I'll share all of his musical masterpiece with my child.

May you rest in peace Michael Jackson and may Heaven be a better, kinder and happier place for you....

One of my favourite MJ songs, in French. Enjoy...


  1. shamone i think MJ pelat. patut come'on ... maybe he was 'high' in the studio.

    my niece was amazed i could sing to fall out boy's beat it. I told her it was michael jackson's song.

    showed her a few songs on youtube, then she got hooked :D

  2. haha, i always tot shamone was shamore! meaning 'some more'? haha.