May 31, 2009

When I Want to Be Like Mommy Jolie or Mommy Richie

Although we won't know until the next 2 weeks, Hanif and I have been pretty positive with the whole situation. We talk to the baby alot.. Hanif talks to my tummy every night before we go to bed. Daddy-to-be sometimes sings :) And the mommy sometimes just gets a good night kiss, grrrr.... (Hanif, your wife must at all times, come first!)

It's so sweet to see Hanif so very much in love with that little dot we saw during the ultra sound scan.

I still tear a lil bit, when we pray... So emo kan?

Anyways, Hanif took me to MPH today, to arm myself with useful pregnancy books. I ended up buying only one book - healthy eating during pregnancy (or something along those lines lah). I'm so afraid to be fat! I don't want to be fat! I need to know what and how much I should eat cause my appetite has escalated like no one's business and Im forever hungry! Seriously. From the moment I wake up, before and after meals, every hour.. Boohoo... And Im only one month along!

I wanna be pregnant like Angelina Jolie and Nicole Richie pleasssse.

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