May 27, 2009

When It Takes Only 2 Lines to Change Your Life

Ive been wanting to start blogging for the last couple of months. And even more so the last couple of days, for some reasons I'm quite unsure of. But it never did take off cause although I had a strong desire to blog, I had no idea what to blog about.

Until.... I had a funny feeling I was... pregnant. Well the funny feeling was pre-empted by the fact that I was ‘late’. For a whole week and half. I wasn’t the sort who kept tab of my cycle and somehow rather oddly, I marked the calendar on my hp the date I had my menses last month, which was April 18. May 18 and a whole week went by. I was getting anxious. I shared with my husband the situation. To which he confidently replied, “Don’t worry sweety. It must be the stress from having the pox.”

And that is another story. Let me digress. I just recovered from the chicken pox. Yes I know... at THIS age? The first pimple (at that time, I seriously thought it was one) made its appearance on May 13. Then 5 more ‘pimples’ joined the party the next day. Even then, the doctor couldn’t tell what was going on with me. On the 3rd day and 10 more ‘pimples’, I went to get a second opinion and it took this very smart doctor 2 seconds to diagnose that I really REALLY did have the pox. I almost burst out in tears, almost. I was on the brink of tears because 1. The earlier doctor was an IDIOT. 2. Why me???????? 3. My skin!

Suffice to say I cried (you would too!) when I was home, on that day, the next day and the day after next. Nevertheless, after religiously taking 2 boxes of antivirals 5 times a day, a daily dose of Chinese herbal medicine which looks and tastes as delicious as drain water, daily showers of a magic purple bath (imported all the way from Kelantan thanks to Suzie, i love you), daun semambu paste (courtesy of my dear mom in law), hourly calamine-ing, and strictly abiding to a diet recommended for pox 'victims', I amazingly recovered in a week's time. Within a week, the pox on my face (which was aplenty) scabbed over and slowly disappeared.

Thus, that’s how my husband came to his conclusion. And so after days of having the ‘funny feeling’, I told my friend Annie yesterday, over a yummy meal of aglio olio, the whole story and she immediately dragged me to the nearest pharmacy and bought me my first pregnancy test. I had no idea how it really looks like until that day. Anyways, thanks Annie!

Today came, and I wasn’t convinced to take the test. 1. I was afraid it could be a false alarm (hey, I DO wanna have a baby) 2. I was again afraid if I was really preggers, would the chicken pox virus effect my baby???? Out of burning curiosity, I rang up my good friend/former housemate/hot doctor – Abby for her opinion. She convinced me it'll be wise to take the test now.

After a hearty breakfast, I nervously took the test (it was like finding out if you're pregnant with your boyfriend's child. But I'm married for god's sake!). I stared at the magic stick. One prominent blue line appeared. That's the control line. And then nothing. As my heart slowly sank... I caught a shadow of ANOTHER line. And I stared really hard. Is this for real??? This line became more and more visible. But was faint compared to the control line. Did I feel a bit giddy with joy? Oh yeah I did. Was I preggers? I wasn't sure. Faint line? Pregnant kah?

So I called up Abby. No answer. I called my best friend who lives in Bandung and she got waaaaaaaaayy more giddy than I was (I expected that.) Intan squealed,”O my god! O my god! Go get another one just to be sure!!!! But I think you are!!!” The next minute, Abby returned my call. “Congratulations babe....” Abby’s first words before I could even say 'Hello'. She too advised to do the test one more time.

Intan calls me no less than 3 times within an hour. I was too giddy with joy and was still stunned. Could I be pregnant? I was smiling and giggling like a high-school teenager who just got a call from her biggest crush. And I smiled and high-school giggled all the way to the nearest pharmacy and back. After having my lunch, I took the test one more time.

This test pack was different from the first one (to those who will be taking this test in future, pls use Clearblue. Trust me). I caught this one in action using my trusted handphhone, just so I can share this wonderful moment with my husband later. Who would have thought watching a stick absorb your urine could be so exciting.

The feeling of watching the 2nd line appearing.... is indescribable. Even the 2nd time round. I will always remember this day. When two test sticks proved that I was indeed having a baby. Im having a baby..... We’ve created another human being. And this living breathing thing is in MY tummy. I know millions of people conceive and have conceived. In fact, I'm surrounded by so many mommies-to-be. But when you actually are pregnant yourself, it's different... it's special. You just feel..... life is so amazing.

And so this beautiful journey begins.... :)


  1. Yeayyy...congratssss :-)

    Lyssa Hamzah

  2. Congratulations cousin...someone leaked the news earlier but I just wanted to wait till I hear it from you. :)

  3. Happy 4 u :D congrate....

  4. after this you don't have to hear men asking when?? again and again.. welcome to the club..

  5. im so happy for you... yay!!!! wahh... you'll be boyotsss during my wedding... ahhahhaah