June 1, 2009

No One Told Me........

1. That I'll be so so tired, energy-less when pregnant. Opening the fridge takes alot of effort.

2. That I'll be hungry hungry hungry. ALL. THE. TIME. U must be kidding me!

3. That I'll be sleeeeepy... even after having a good night's rest. (I struggled to keep my eyes open whilst watching Angels & Demons at the cinema)

4. That I'll have this tummy discomfort. I choose not to elaborate on this.

5. That my bladder seems like its shrunk in size and now I have to go to the loo thrice as often.

6. That with all the above, I'd have no energy left to *GASP* do my hair OR figure out my wardrobe for the day. (I have to stop this! I promised myself I'll be a yummy mummy... perasan? Im pregnant! I can say whatever I want!)

Im only one month along, what more pregnancy secrets have all mommies on this earth been keeping from me???

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