May 28, 2009

When It Takes Only Two Words to Make A Gazzillion People Excited

Before I got pregnant, no.. in fact throughout our 2 year marriage, Hanif and I have been asked the baby question relentlessly. Everyone seemed to want this baby more than we did! (not that we didn't want one)

And after the gazzillionth person asked me that question, I told myself (and a few from the gazzillion), that I would seriously consider making an announcement in a big way to share the news when the time comes, maybe have a party?

But before that, I had to break the happy news to my husband. When Hanif came home after work yesterday, I just shoved the test stick into his hands. Being overwhelmed seriously zaps your creativity.

It didn't register 100% until I showed him the pregnancy test box and see what the TWO lines meant. That was followed by widened eyes, the question "are you serious?", lots of giggles and laughter, a shower of kisses for mommy-to-be, a tight hug and a sprinkle of tears. And he actually blurted,"How did this happen?" Like, duh. Being overwhelmed zaps logic too.

Hanif was clearly over the moon because just a few days ago, he told me he can't wait to be a daddy :) I guess his wish came true, and so quickly too!

And now I can't wait to break the news to everyone! I feel like an erupting volcano waiting to vomit out everything. I feel so sorry for Intan cause I've not been entertaining her calls or her FB status updates. I'm so sorry my dahling BFF yea, I really wanted to figure out a nice way to share this wonderful news!

Plus I have this thing about needing to tell my Dad first before anyone else. (It was the same when Hanif proposed. My lips were sealed until I told my Dad, face-to-face first!). In fact, I just SMSed him as I was writing this to check when's his next trip to KL. I can't wait! To tell him. And everyone!

In the mean time, I've decided, in this era of blogging, FB-ing and Twitter-ing, I might as well, in line with the digital media trend, use this blog to announce that I'm PREGGERS!!!! U happy now?? U happy now that a mini-Suraya or a mini-Hanif is on its way? Now you can't ask me that question anymore. Hahahaha. I'm so happy :)

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