June 11, 2009

When It's Heart Starts Beating...

Ahhhhh finally, the 2-week wait is over. Today is the day that I've been so looking fwd to. Had to occupy myself with all sorts of things just to get my mind of it and let time fly by faster!

And here it is, finally... I saw my baby's heart beating, strong and steady... (sooo cuuuuttte....)

My ob/gyn says my baby is 8 weeks old! 8 weeks already :)

So far, Ive yet to experience any morning sickness. My sister kept insisting that I will when my baby's heart starts beating. But my ob/gyn says if Ive not experienced it up to this point, it means I will sail through this pregnancy without the much dreaded (or 'brutal' as one pregnant Kendra Wilkinson puts it) morning sickness. Woot!

My baby's due in January 2010. I don't know why it seems so hard for my mom and brother to believe.

Brother: "You're due in January??? But you'll only be about 6 months along by then!!

Mom: "You're due in January??? What nonsense is that!"

Ha. Ha. Ha. You guys crack me up ;)


  1. So cute sue! Sooooo CUTE! I dont know what to say! LOL! Keep on posting and give us latest update on your pregnancy k! Looking forward to January 2010! seriously?? January??

  2. You must be very excited..take good care of yourself and the baby. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables, avoid oily food, if possible, once a while should be okay. Since you want to be as hot as angeline jolie right.. plus light exercise..would be helpful. (after the 3rd month)Congratulations to you & Hanif.