June 16, 2009

I Need A New Ob/Gyn Quick!

1st visit
My doctor quickly took out her medical bibles the moment I mentioned 'chicken pox' and frantically looked it up in her books. Wow, I have so much confidence in her now. Not.

2nd visit
The moment I sat down in her office, she started yelling down her handphone, upset at her maid I think. Wow, I think I'm in good hands, especially during the delivery itself. Not!

So now I'm busy asking every mommy and mommy-to-be about their ob/gyn and hospitals. Never knew finding and settling with one good, reliable doctor would be so hard :p


  1. Gleneagles - Dr. Ravi, I had Aiman and he was my gyn. He's very good and gentle plus good looking! Another good one at DSH, could not remember his name, my fren had her 3 babies with the doctor. Kak Liza never trust a lady doctor ;) Always opt for man, instead, lebih confident.

  2. sayang...my sis deliver at Damansara Specialist with Dato' Dr Azizi and Dato' Dr Nik smthg la..they both are very experience and good..u might wanna give a shot!

  3. thanks kak liza and shue, but im only willing to see female ob/gyns ;p

  4. i wud suggest Dr Yap from FMGC. she is a panel gynae for Bangsar Pantai... checkup buat kat clinic in jaya one je...takyah queue. based on appointment. anyway, i m alia's fren-azlin

  5. thanks azlin! im now seeing dato dr nora. also attached to pantai :) alia tells me you are expecting too, congrats!