December 24, 2009

Baby Shower #2

To be honest, I never expected anyone to throw me a baby shower. What more two.. It cld have been THREE if not for hubby's intervention!

Ida & Sumayya, I know about the 'secret' shower you guys were planning ;p You both are so sweet... When Hanif broke the 'secret', I was super touched. I really really appreciate the thought babes :)

I feel so blessed for having thoughtful friends like Sumayya & Ida. And even more so for having a friend like one Intan Juliana. I LOVE this woman to bits! This particular BFF of mine resides alllllllllllllll the way in Bandung with her beautiful family and yet, took the initiative to organise a breathtakingly beautiful baby shower with the help of another super creative, close friend of mine, Annie.

When these two ladies combine, THIS materialised.....

 Annie spent the entire night before, 'baking' this diaper cake using a step by step guide off the internet! I love it and will not even dream of dismantling it Babe! It's gonna be a permanent fixture in my baby's room :)

Mommy2b's special dining setting!

My superfriends ~ Intan & Annie. Yes, the host and co-host didnt observe the theme cos they were very busy putting the shower together ;p

It was a beautiful, Christmas-y blue+green+white themed shower....

With my lovely girlfriends :)

My girlfriends brought lovely gifts and I appreciate and love each and everyone of them. Thank you so much for putting so much thought into each gift. Hanif is equally overwhelmed (and having a fun time messing about his son's new toys!).

I also had a surprise guest, a shocking surprise, when my cousin - Hanum who lives in London showed up! I wld have probably fallen off my chair when Hanum showed up at the shower if Cik Intan Juliana did not 'accidentally' blurt out this piece of info earlier that day. But I WAS 150% totally shocked when Intan accidentally blabbed that Hanum was attending the shower. So when I finally saw Hanum, I had to put up an award-winning performance, which she did not fall for at all, haha. It was that bad eyy Hanum ;p But thank you so much for being part of the shower, I really really really am so happy that you were there.

Thank you Annie for designing and personalising the whole party for me ~ I love each and every one of them!! We should start a party planning company together! Thanks for inviting 'professional photog' aka Raflis too... My guests kagum kejap, haha....

Raf, thanks for capturing beautiful moments of my shower :)

Thanks to everyone of you ~ Liza, Linda, Wani, Suzie, She, Jaja, Tsar, Ida, Shue, Hayza, Aya and Lil Sarah and Lil Qalisha ~ who crawled thru the horrible traffic jam leading to I Utama, who circled the parking area a gazzillion times from the new wing to the old wing to find a parking spot, who marched all the way from the old wing to the new wing in HIGH heels ~ just to attend my lil shower.

And again, lastly but definitely not the least, THANK YOU Intan for organising a beautiful shower for me and for being a great friend... A truly wonderful friend... She did not only took care of the shower, she brought soo many gifts for my baby! Siap dgn jamu, minyak and cream baby Indo-mali, haha. I am so blessed :) Lap u lots Babes, muah!

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  1. beautiful!!! wish i was there... luv ya darling :-)