December 8, 2009

The 3rd Trimester Saga: Part Deux

The last trimester of my pregnancy has been the most challenging. Let me share with you why....
  1. U can forget about sashaying across the room or around malls. I now waddle waddle waddle around. Much like a penguin ;) I've been trying to avoid the waddling gait for as long as I could but when you're carrying a 2 kg baby in your tummy and additional 12 kgs of fluids and fat and God knows what else, it's the only way to strut ;p
  2. Again because of the extra kilos I'm carrying, my backache has become increasingly intense. Feels like my back's gonna break sometimes... Despite all the spa sessions and bidan visits, no massage or 'miracle' oils can ease the pain.
  3. Because my baby has placed himself in the birthing position, all the pressure has introduced new soreness and discomfort around the groin and pelvic area. This means: shifting from left to right or vice versa when you're trying to sleep is rather... difficult. OK -painful.
  4. As mentioned before, my feet has swollen so much I can't fit into any of my shoes. And I can't be bothered to buy new ones cos its 4-6 weeks before I deliver, after which my feet will go back to its normal size (i HOPE!).
  5. I've developed pregnancy-induced rashes on my feet and hands. Yikes. So itchy man.....
  6. My nose is red and kembang. Why laaa.....? My sister said my nose situation is not as bad as hers. Haha. Yes, I remember your extremely kembang nose Kakak!

  7. My Rudolf Red Nose ;) With Dura at her Hen Nite Party last Dec 5th

  8. My skin produces enough oil daily to fry an egg. Thus face always looks oily no matter how much loose powder I cover my skin with. People keep telling me I'm a glowing mommy2b. Must be all the oil ;p
  9. Because of the excessive oil production, my skin breaks out oh so horribly. I miss my blemish/pimple/problem-free pre-pregnancy skin. See you again after I give birth?


  1. babe.. u have officially encouraged me not to get pregnant. ever.

    p/s : once your cutie pops out im sure it was all worth it!

  2. chill la doc, different women have different experience ;)