December 15, 2009

Baby Shower #1

Baby Shower Commitee
She had a tough time finding a date but pulled it all beautifully together aka Chief Organiser: Neena Zaid
Decorating and diaper cake pro aka Creative Director: Didie Zubir

Baby Shower Guests
My favourite girls from Media Prima aka 2-Legged Guests: Shai, Anne, Miya, Nani, Crystal, Cheryl & Juju (Juju, you're Azrin's wife, so that makes you part of Media Prima lah)
Adorable offsprings of a few of my 2-legged guests aka Mini Guests: Ilhan, Ilyas & Rakim
Everyone's favourite kitty aka Special 4-Legged Guest: Orange the Kitten
One & only thorn amongst the roses aka Bapak Ilhan & Ilyas: Azrin ;)

Baby Shower Details
Date: December 11, 2009
Venue: Bianco, Damansara Perdana
Theme: Stripey-pipey people
Food: Italian. And lotsa yummy long, stringy candy I've not seen or had in my life!

Mommy2B says....
  • Thank you Neena for organising such a sweet baby shower for me and my baby! I swear I feel super touched from the day the 'secret baby shower' was accidentally revealed sampai lah hari ni, terharu tak sudah. U r a sweetheart! Thank you for all the effort, I appreciate it so much!

  • Thank you Didie for injecting creative ideas to the shower and for 'sponsoring' the prizes for the games ;) You have to take me to the place you found all the stuff for the shower! Ke-creative-an anda tak dapat disangkal lagi :)

  • Thank you Anne for adding a twinkle touch to the welcome table (kan? hehe). Again, you look pretty from any angle!

  • Thank you Miya & Neena for blindfolding me and walking me all the way to Bianco dgn selamat! Ive never been blindfolded before. Pandai korang kelentong ek!

  • Thank you Shai for the snuggle nest! My hubby especially is so happy with your gift (he's the one who's been eyeing that baby item!)

  • Thank you Nani, Miya, Crystal & Anne for the cool, handmade card! And for the rockin' diaper cake set with baby blue rattlers, teether, pacifier, pacifier clip, bottle and blankie. We love it!

  • Thank you Cheryl for the musical mobile, its so sweet :) My heart just melted when I first heard the lullaby from the mobile...

  • Thank you Juju & Azrin for the cool storage organiser. Looking for the right spot to hang it! Thank you both also for all the tips and advice you shared with me about parenthood :)

  • Thank you Neena for the super cute, super complete bedding set! Sangatlah comel! My baby now has 3 sets of pillows, yei.

  • Thank you Didie in advance for the USA-mari gift :) whatever it is, Im sure I'll love it!

  • Thank you Nani for capturing beautiful pictures of my shower. I love every shot!

  • Thank you Rakim, Ilhan & Ilyas for all your aksi acrobat dan comel :)

  • Thanks Orange for dropping by my sweet shower - your adorable presence was a present for me!
  • Much love for all of you :)

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