January 2, 2013

Hello Twenty13!

Its the first day of 2013. I can't believe the years have flown by so ever quickly. 3 years ago, my son was born in the first few days of 2010. This Friday, he'll be turning 3, Masyaallah. I still remember everything ever so clearly, being pushed on the wheelchair to the labour ward, crying my eyeballs out when the epidural was administered, giggling and napping (and puking - epidural side effects) through the last hour of my pain-free labour process =)

And in the next few days, Ilhan will be THREE. I haven't managed to update my blog in agesssss and sadly missed out documenting the three precious years of growing up. I remember before he was born, my BFF said she couldnt imagine life without her kids. Now I completely understand what she meant. I CANT imagine my life without my son. He's everything and so much more that I cld ever ask for!

But I did ask, kept asking God, for one thing. I prayed for another baby. And alhamdulillah, after many, many, many pregnancy test kits that turned out negative, last October 18th, it was positive =) I was in such shock I broke down the minute the 2nd line appeared (it took forever to appear I swear!). First thing I did (sorry hubs!) was to call the BFF who lives all the way in Indonesia. Sobbing, could barely speak, BFF was frantic. After a while, I finally managed to spit out 3 words "I'm preg nant!"

After I hung up the phone, I was much calmer and whatsapp-ed my husband the news =) 

The funny thing is, that morning, my body kind of sent me a 'signal'. It was going to be a busy day at work and I woke up, couldnt drag myself out of bed and wished I could just lay in bed all day. As I was rolling around in my bed, suddenly I felt some movement in my tummy, it felt similar to a baby kicking in your womb. That was weird. So weird. All day, all I could think of was "I need to take a pregnancy test." After work, I immediately got a test kit and the 2nd line didn't appear. Until like 5 hours later! Ok I'm kidding, probably about 3 minutes later. Damn you cheapo test kit.

I'm beyond happy and above all, incredibly grateful to Allah. Almost 16 weeks along, I pray my lil one will grow and develop healthily and beautifully for the next 5 months. Insyaallah, Ilhan will be an abang this year =)

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