July 4, 2010

Halfway to Celebrating his 1st Birthday!

Ilhan turns 6 months today. Wow. WOW. My little baby boy has grown so much. Im proud to share that my lil McDreamy as of now can:
  • Roll over. From left to right, right to left. Being on his belly is his favourite position now.
  • Almost crawl. And backwards ;p One time I left him on the living room floor, quick visit to the kitchen, and when I came back, he was gone. GONE! I panicked for 5 seconds before I found him on his belly quietly watching the telly IN BETWEEN my sofa seats! 
  • Sit up right with very little support.

Since Im at it, I just feel like chronicling Ilhan's developmental milestones....

  • At 2 months old, he smiles ALOT and is expressive, he is able to hold his head up steadily, his hand/finger coordination improves and he can bring his thumb to his mouth after weeks of trying, very sensitive during senja, had his first cough (twas so bad tht the nebuliser was prescribed)
  • 3 months - he smiles, giggles, laughs ALOT and is super expressive, able to lie on his belly and support his upper body with his arms, interest in toys increase and he drools like a leaking water pipe! He has a reflux problem which went away after a few weeks. I fix his bedtime at 9pm.
  • 4 months - he learns how to roll over on his belly but still doesnt know how to roll over on his back ;) his interest in dangly colorful toys escalates and starts to reach out and grab them, he learns how to put his toes in mouth ;p He starts to show signs of teething.
  • 5 months - he now has a stronger attachment to me, its hard to leave him behind or will only stop crying when he's in my arms. His curiosity intensifies, loves to hold out his hand and study faces ie korek my mouth and my eyeballs with his tiny fingers. His hair at the back of his head starts to thin a little (its normal i was told). He eyeballs our food! (ready to start on solids!). I introduce formula milk :( (i will write more about this in another post)
I feel sooo blessed that I get to witness Ilhan achieve each and every little milestone firsthand. I honestly cant wait for Ilhan to talk :) until then, many other little milestones to look forward to....

I Love you my lil McDreamy....

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