October 5, 2009

Oral-B... dgn 7 manfaat pergigian...

Yep, that was the tagline I had to repeat, over and over and over again......

Nevertheless, the 2-day Oral-B Cross Action Pro Health 30 sec capsule and WHI sponsored segment shoot was a great experience! Shoot was done before and during the fasting month at 2 separate locations.

Truly enjoyed working with the entire crew and loved my make up artist - Coco, who made my skin look flawless (when its sooo not at the mo!) and my Chinese eyes, for once, not disappear into 2 unflattering narrow lines ;)

You may catch the 30 sec Oral-B capsule on TV3, ntv7, 8TV and TV9 from Oct 1 onwards :)

A warm & big THANK YOU to my dear producers and Oral-B for the opportunity and priceless experience!

Day 1 - 30 sec capsule shoot

Coco, she looks like Ayumi Hamasaki doesnt she?

Day 2 of shoot during the fasting month

Ingat, bukan satu tapi tujuh manfaat pergigian! ;p

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