May 18, 2010

Ilhan Lights up My Life in a Million Ways...

But let me share with you 20...
  1. The 1st thing he does when he wakes up in the morning is flash me a big smile :)
  2. He lets out a hearty chuckle at ALL my attempts to make him laugh, no matter how lame.
  3. He farts. Alot. And so loudly. Its soo funny!
  4. He pouts and pouts and he is so good at it!
  5. He looks at me like Im the most beautiful thing he has ever seen, in the morning (when I look the crappiest) and even when I dont have a smudge of make up on.
  6. He steals a loving look at me now and then when Im nursing him.
  7. He tries to sing along when I sing to him. Too adorable.
  8. And when I sing, he smiles and enjoys it so much I think I might actually be a GOOD singer. Haha.
  9. When he poops, its a major event. His pooping face is priceless!
  10. He understands how the camera works. He loves and poses for the camera whenever he is in the mood and when he is not he'll just look away.
  11. Whenever he is grumpy or in a raging mood (ie screaming at the top of his lungs), all he wants is Mommy - me! Mommy feels soo loved, appreciated and wanted :)
  12. He is such a happy baby he smiles at every tom, dick and harry.
  13. Listening him cooing gibberish is absolutely precious.
  14. Its so nice to cuddle up with him on the bed at bedtime. So precious....
  15. Its so nice when he hugs me and lay his tiny lil head on my shoulders when I carry him.
  16. Its so fulfilling to see him grow and achieving little developmental milestones everyday.
  17. Its lovely to see him light up his Tok's serious face and bring out the kid in Tok :)
  18. Its lovely to see him light up his Daddy's face everyday when Daddy comes home from work.
  19. No matter what Ive done, what Ive achieved or what I may have failed, he still looks at me with alot of love.
  20. Sometimes when Im feeling low or just lost, all Ilhan needs to do is flash me his big toothless smile :) and it works every single time...

Mommy loves you to bits lil Ilhan :)


  1. hello love,it's fun seeing how our boys can light up our life just by sitting there and looking handsome kan?:Danyway, if you're not to're tagged by me on the 21st May tau?ha ha ha..Love, Zaza!